Custom Design

From packaging and posters to web sites and logos, our graphic design team can create it all. Our graphic designers produce visual solutions to clients’ communication problems. We understand the current trends in the visual arts and have working knowledge of the latest design software. Whether you need materials that use your company’s existing style or you need to create a new identity, we can help you. We’ll work with you to design a product that delivers results.

Custom Design

Here are the Steps…

The Brief

 Nearly all designers agree that the initial accumulation of information from the client is the most important step, either by a face to face interview or a questionnaire. This is where you must establish the design brief. Designer, John Homs says “You really need to understand your client very thoroughly before you get started. Logo Design is never just shooting in the dark. It’s just the opposite.”


 Research includes general reading on the industry itself, sometimes on its history, and on its competitors. If budgets allow, external research can be carried out.

Visual Research

 This is research not into the clients business, but into the actual logo style. This is where we seek out a look, a style, an approach or attitude, usually to attain a period or style that we are unfamiliar with, or to refresh ourselves with what is new or successful. 

Sketching & Conceptualising

Developing the logo design concept(s) is where creativity comes into play, this is where the designer must create the logo by using the design brief and the research conducted. When conceptualising, some designers are mainly concerned with the graphic style and image of a piece while others try to convey deep meaning or some sort of visual puzzle (such as the arrow in the FedEx logo – look between the e and x). These types of logos have a bigger impact on the viewer and when a designer creates one, they know it straight away. It will be unique and will add a dimension to the experience and to the whole identity.


This is where we present the client with a select group of designs to showcase the variety of options(3) to the client.


The client will evaluate his or her options. The client will choose one or make the necessary adjustments, 3 changes are allowed. Additional changes will incur a fee. 


Once the final draft has been approved, we will proceed to prepress. A signature for final approval is required prior production.